What Makes Bubba Watson so Unique?

(Photo courtesy of sportsnet.ca)

As a golfer who has played competitively and for fun, I find myself in awe at what Bubba Watson is able to do on the golf course.

I am a firm believer that golf is a game of pure feel and that swinging your own swing is very important. He is the epitome of feel and a unique swing. From a 60-yard cut, to a 60-yard draw, he has almost every golfer’s worst nightmare as his shot selections.

The reason this is so impressive is that he uses these shots to navigate the bending corner of a golf course. Why go over when you can bend it around? Bubba is a self-taught golfer, which, on the PGA tour, is a ridiculous thought.

To break down his ability further, his 60-yard cut and 60-yard draw gives him a 120-yard shot dispersion. This means he has the ability to shape his shot more than the total length of a football field. This works in tandem with the fact that he still averages 300-yard drives.

His superb wedge game and great putting give him the ability to recover when the ball cuts a little too hard. Like I said, golf is a game of feel, and Bubba has arguably the best feel on tour.

To move the ball as much as he does, he has to feel the ball off the club head and understand his face-to-path to an absurd degree.

I'm not able to do what Bubba does on the golf course and that goes for most of the golf world, pros and all. This has made him very successful both this year, and in years past.

I will say this now while we still have plenty of golf left, he will be player of the year for the 2018 season.