Is Boxing Your New Key to Success as a YouTuber? Logan Paul, KSI, and the Wacky World of YouTube Box

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If there is anything that people love more than a professional boxing match, it’s a celebrity boxing match.

There is just something so appealing about the idea of seeing two personalities who have had a limited amount of training and prior experience in boxing, go at it in the ring. Perhaps it’s the curiosity to see who will win, the interest in witnessing two rivals settle a score with their fists, or simply the inner human desire to see something go horribly wrong that allures people to wish for celebrity matches to occur more often.

Well, that wish may be just coming true in one of the oddest locations, YouTube.

The big introduction of boxing into the world of YouTube began in February 2018, when fans gathered to watch British YouTuber, KSI, famous for his history in gaming and music, claim victory over fellow YouTuber, Joe Weller, in a boxing match at London’s Cooper Box. After his victory, KSI challenged the famous/infamous Paul brothers: Logan and Jake, to try and take his “Championship” belt from him.

After much convincing and a considerable amount of YouTube drama, Logan Paul agreed to fight KSI, with Jake fighting KSI’s younger brother, Deji, otherwise known as ComedyShortsGamer, later this month on August 25th in the Manchester Arena.

For those who don’t know, Logan Paul began his entertainment career as a Viner before switching over to YouTube, where he has gained a great amount of fame posting vlogs (as has his brother, Jake). Many have heard of Logan Paul through media that commented on his infamous vlog, wherein he filmed the corpse of a man who had committed suicide in the Japanese “Suicide Forest” for which Paul received much criticism.

It is difficult to predict who will win these fights, but at the end of the day, none of these YouTubers are really going to lose. With tickets selling for prices ranging from £34 ($57.42 CAN) to £516 ($871.39 CAN), these YouTubers are projected to earn a large amount of money and greatly enhance their popularity as a result of these fights.

Given what YouTubers could garner (both in terms of enhancing their popularity and financial status by boxing a fellow YouTuber), it is truly time to ask whether boxing will become the new path to success for YouTubers, and more importantly, what could be the benefits and consequences of such a change.

One major benefit that could arise if boxing becomes the major path to success for YouTubers is that it could really help in motivating people to exercise and participate in sports. By having so many YouTubers in training for various matches and documenting their progress for their fans through vlogs and various social media posts, this could really stress the importance of fitness and sports into the minds of millions of viewers. By having boxing as a major pathway to success, this could very realistically motivate fans of all ages to get in shape, participate in sports, and put their energy towards achieving their goals. Of course, such a change also comes with its potential consequences.

One potential consequence of boxing becoming the next big thing on YouTube is that this may greatly reduce the amount of original content that is produced on the platform. It is arguable that YouTube prides itself on being a platform where people are encouraged to produce unique, original content. If boxing becomes a more viable option for generating funds and increasing popularity than constantly evolving one’s content to maintain relevancy, it is very possible that many YouTubers will give up on producing original content and will turn instead towards simply challenging one another to boxing matches. Eventually YouTube may simply turn into a discount World Star Hip Hop rather than a hub for people to express their creativity.

Another major consequence (one that is more serious) is that several YouTubers may succumb to serious injury as a result of their aspiration to increase their funds and bolster their popularity through boxing. Remember that most (the vast majority) YouTubers are not professional boxers. Even amongst the fighters in the upcoming match on August 25th, only Logan and Jake have had any substantial experience in fighting oriented sports (both were successful wrestlers during their schooling years). The possibility of several YouTubers being seriously injured, possibly for life, is a real consequence that could come about if boxing becomes the new pathway to success for YouTubers.

Is boxing going to become the new pathway for increasing YouTubers’ fame and fortune? At this point, it is hard to say. With the match coming up on August 25th and a rematch scheduled to happen in Los Angeles, we can only speculate at this point where the relationship between boxing and YouTube will go from here and what effects it may have.

Are we witnessing the birth of a knockout opportunity for YouTubers to bolster their success, or will this trend never make it past the first round? Only time will tell.


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