2019 Super Bowl Recap

(Image from cbsnews.com)

The New England Patriots defeated the LA Rams 13-3 last night in a low scoring game.

Casual viewers probably enjoyed the game regardless because of the commercials and halftime show. I doubt hardcore fans were at the edge of their seats for a 13-3 game, but I bet most were too drunk to care about the score.

Personally, the game wasn’t that entertaining, but my Super Bowl party and the spectacle surrounding the game more than made up for it. In terms of the game itself, the exciting Rams offence we saw all season got shutdown to the tune of 3 points by Bill Belichick’s defence. The moment seemed too big for the Rams. They have a young talented team though, so I can definitely see them back in the big game.

Speaking of Belichick, he won his 6th Super Bowl as a head coach, further cementing his legacy as a legendary coach. Tom Brady also won his 6th Super Bowl title and at this point, if you’re still denying that he’s the G.O.A.T, then you’re kidding yourself. He struggled at times during the game, but as he always does, made the clutch plays when he needed to.

At this rate it looks like the man is going to keep playing until he’s 60. Social media likes to poke fun at him and make memes about him French kissing his son (which admittedly are pretty hilarious), but he gets to go home to Gisele Bundchen every night, so I doubt he gives a damn.

The Patriots are on top of the world once again, which doesn’t sit well with many people. You don’t have to like them, but at this point you’ve got to respect them.

The Super Bowl is an event that I’d love to cover in person some day. Until then, I’m perfectly content with sitting back and watching Twitter roast the hell out of the halftime shows.