I Love that The Toronto Raptors Are Champions, But Didn’t Always Love How It Happened

(Image from thesource.com)

In case you haven’t heard (as if): the Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions.

There are tons of reasons why I love that the Raptors are NBA Champions. For starters, I love that all the hard work, sweat, and dedication that the Raptors put into this season paid off, not only with the team becoming conference finalists, but by taking the NBA finals as well. Another reason why I love that they are champs is because of how happy it has made people in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. It’s been great to see an entire community of people, strangers and friends, wasteman and waste yute, celebrating with one another united by a historic moment in sports history. Finally, and most obviously, I love that they won because I’m a Raptors fan.

Yet, upon reflection, despite my love of the fact that the Raptors are champions, there were things about the journey that I didn’t love, and still don’t, none of it having to actually do with the Raptors directly.

What I didn’t love can be broken down between the things I saw and the things I never got to see, most of them having to do with the Golden State Warriors series.

Let’s start with what I saw.

As with many people (aside from those who clapped), I wasn’t happy to see Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson get injured. Regardless of how you feel about the players, it sucked to see a pair of the best players in the NBA suffer injuries (people have already started debating whether Durant will be the same player ever again) while trying to give their team a winning chance.

Aside from that, another thing I didn’t love throughout the Raptors entire playoff journey was the terrible officiating. When crowds are shouting “ref you suck” and the commentators are calling you out on your calls or lack thereof, you know the NBA has a problem with their officiating quality.

In terms of what I didn’t get to see, I won’t lie, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the Raptors go head-to-head with a perfectly healthy Golden State Warriors, especially with a healthy Kevin Durant. Not to say that the Raptors didn’t earn their rings, or that I wasn’t happy that they got them against this Golden State team, I just wanted to see a final ultimate showdown, a quote on quote “final boss fight” against Golden State in their “final form” with all their resources at their disposal.

To use some analogies, the final series sometimes felt like fighting a final boss in a video game that starts glitching allowing for an easier win or versing somebody one on one in a sport who hurts themselves allowing you to secure the win. The reality that whatever entity you versed wasn’t performing at the highest level you know they could have dampers your satisfaction with the journey that led to the victory, even if you still love that said victory occurred anyway.

However, despite all this; all of it, much like NBA fans across the GTA, the Raptors organization, and especially the players themselves (gotta love seeing Leonard having a great time), the happiness I feel from the fact that the Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions is not going extinct any time soon.