Which PG Should the Lakers Prioritize Signing: D'Angelo Russell, Kemba Walker, or Neither?

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This article will be a little bit different in comparison to most. I’m going to be proposing a ‘would you rather’ question in relation to the NBA and giving my opinion on the said subject.

Let me know what you would choose in the comments wherever you are (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I’m really eager to hear opinions!

Question: Which PG should the Lakers prioritize signing, D’Angelo Russell, Kemba Walker, or neither?

My Opinion: Neither

I think the Lakers should focus on filling out their starting lineup and bench with high calibre role players. By signing D’Angelo or Kemba, the Lakers are forced to fill almost all of their available cap space (see image below courtesy of The Jump). Kemba and D’Angelo will be aiming to sign max contracts which are approximately $25 million dollars annually.

Although it would be extremely exciting to see either one of these point guards in a Lakers uniform beside AD and LeBron, it just isn’t feasible given the cap space available. Also, given that the Lakers have arguably two top five talents in the NBA, I really don’t think they need an additional star to bring them a championship. LeBron and AD already produce close to 25-30 PPG respectively. Kuzma is also an offensive player that will demand shots and I’m going to assume that he is only going to get better.

I would actually like to see the Lakers pursue Malcom Brogdan personally. Brogdan had himself an extremely productive year for Milwaukee last season, averaging 15.6 points per game on 50.5% shooting as a guard. He doesn’t have to be a facilitator given they have LeBron and AD either, so Brogdan would definitely fit in.

That’s my take on the Lakers point guard situation. What do ya’ll think?