Previewing This Summer's Premier UFC Event

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Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos

If you have been watching MMA for a while now, I don’t think you have to do much investigating to figure out that one of the main reasons Thiago Santos got this title shot is because of his intimidating appearance. With a muscular frame and giant hammer tattooed on his chest, the optics of this fighter on a promotion poster is guaranteed to help in the selling of the pay-per view.

However, if we look down Thiago Santos’ resume , we see that this is a challenge that is simply going to be too much for him. While he has pulled together four straight wins in a light heavyweight division that is lacking depth, he is just over a year removed from getting knocked out at middleweight by David Branch.

As for Jon Jones, what more is there to say that hasn’t been said? Controversies aside, Jon Jones is the greatest to ever do it in MMA. The man has never been beaten (not counting his one DQ loss) and almost every one of his fights has been a complete dismantling of his opponent.

This Saturday should be no different.

Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm

This is an interesting match up in the sense that these are the two women that defeated Ronda Rousey. Since they’re victories over Ronda, both of these fighters have seen their brands skyrocket.

Holly Holm has been in a number of Main Event and Co-Main slots, no doubt drawing interest because she was the first woman to defeat the supposedly indestructible Rousey.

Nunes on the other hand has since established herself as the greatest female fighter who ever lived by cleaning out the Women’s Bantamweight division and then taking the Women’s Featherweight title from legend, Cris Cyborg Santos.

Now, the two will meet in the Octagon for the first time with the UFC Women’s Bantamweight title on the line. Look for this to be a hard fought stand up battle. Not one you’re going to want to miss.

Jorge Masivdal vs Ben Askren

In this fight, two of the funniest characters in the Welterweight division will stand across the Octagon from each other. It is no secret that these two don’t like each other, shown by the jabs traded on social media during the build up to this fight.

Trash talk aside, I think this is an interesting match up stylistically. On one hand you have Masvidal, who prefers to keep the fight on the feet but can certainly handle himself on the ground, against Ben Askren, one of the best grapplers in MMA.

The way this fight unfolds will depend on if Askren is able to get Masvidal to the ground. If he is successful, I see him being able to control Masvidal and earning a decision victory. If Masvidal is able to stuff takedowns or catch Askren with some shots on the feet, I see Masvidal being able to walk away with the victory.

Either way, it will be fun to see how the fight will unfold.