Would Running Naruto-Style Help Athletes Run Faster?

(Image from screenrant.com)

Picture it, football players running for touchdowns, baseball players running to first base, professional runners racing for the Gold Medal; all of them running like the characters from the famous anime, Naruto. If you are unfamiliar with the ninja-themed anime, the characters often run in the style depicted below.

(Photo from youtube.com)

Interestingly enough, many believe (and some highly questionable “studies” argue) that athletes should change their running stance to the “Naruto style” as it could help them go faster because the form is “more aerodynamic.”

Some have even stated that Usain Bolt endorsed the “Naruto Run.” But is it really true that this stance would help athletes run faster?

Probably not.

As a contributor on the topic wrote, this technique would probably not help athletes run faster as, despite arguments pertaining to aerodynamics, by using this technique you would be pushing your centre of mass away from your torso. As a result, you would become more unstable and unable to taker wider strides without falling.

Sadly, it is unlikely that we will ever see get to see athletes using this form of running in the amateur scene, let alone the professional scene, but the fact that the debate as to whether they should use this form exists is fascinating on its own. The fact that there are discussions and images linking Naruto and sports shows just how much comedy in the realm of sports has changed, from focusing on blooper highlights, to modern day where we have hilarious NBA edits, Kawhi Leonard laugh memes, and Naruto-inspired sports memes.

It’s only a matter of time before images surface saying, “Usain Bolt charges Area 51, Naruto Style.” I don’t know about you, but if memes like the Naruto run debate are the future of comedy in sports, you can sign me up.