Should the NBA and WNBA be Combined? Addressing The Infamous Sex Divide in Sports

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Imagine a world where the NBA and the WNBA were simply “The NBA.”

In the realm of sports, there are a handful of debates that many simply do not enjoy talking about due to their potential to spark heated arguments and ruin friendships. Of those debates, one enjoys a particularly infamous reputation, that being: should professional male and female athletes compete in the same leagues?

In a poll taken for The Sports Rooster, it was found that when asked this question, 76% of respondents answered “No” compared to only 24% that stated “Yes.”

Having now some idea of how people feel about the topic, I scoured the internet to find out reasons as to why people may have felt the way they did and found an interesting debate on that asked whether men and women should play on the same sports teams ( that gave me some insights into this controversial topic.

What did people have to say? Let’s find out.

For those in support of having men and women play on the same teams, two arguments were most notable. First, many argued that women and men have equal rights and thus it is only fair that men and women should be allowed to compete against one another rather than having bogus restrictions on who is allowed to play on a given team.

Secondly, some argued what can be described as a “conditional” argument that states that women should be allowed to play with men if they qualify to play and display just as much skill as their male counterparts.

For those who were against men and women playing on the same team, the main argument that stood out was what can be called the “argument of biology.” Essentially, the general argument that these individuals put forward was that psychically speaking, men are on average taller and have heavier, more muscular frames compared to women and thus any match up, especially in contact sports, would simply be unfair if women were competing alongside and against men.

For these people, the general psychical differences between men and women justifies a divide in sports.

Regardless of where you sit on the debate, one must admit that it is an interesting one, not only because it appears to pit the issue of equal rights against biology, but also for the stimulating questions it raises. If all sports remain separated, will we forever be placing a strain on equal rights in the realm of sports? If we destroy the divide, what would these leagues look like and how would they operate?

Tell us what you think about this fascinating topic, we at The Sports Rooster would love to hear it!