Why Raptor Fans Love Nick Nurse

(Rob Carr, Getty Images)

Nick Nurse is currently the winningest NBA coach of all time. With a .7174 win percentage, Nick is ahead of great coaches like Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson, who have both coached teams that have won multiple championships.

It doesn’t seem too long ago when many people were frustrated by the firing of coach Dwane Casey, who happened to win the Coach of the Year award in the year he was fired. It was after that season where Nick took over the Raptors and had their most magical season to date.

It’s well documented that Raptor fans love Nick Nurse, and I’m here to profess that same fandom for one of the most popular coaches in the league.

The first reason behind the Raptor fans' love for coach Nurse is that it was his adjustments and coaching that gave the city its first and only championship. Nick was able to make adjustments throughout the playoffs to beat teams such as the Bucks. He created a foolproof plan for stopping Giannis with Raptor personnel who were able to collapse on the Greek Freak and clog the paint. Without these key adjustments, it’s likely the Raptors wouldn’t have made it past the Bucks and would not be champions!

Another reason why Raptor fans love Nick Nurse is his ability to coach and develop young players. As an assistant coach for the Raptors prior to his head coaching gig, Nick was able to develop a ton of young players like Pascal Siakam, who’s now an All-Star, and Norman Powell.

He also has turned no name players like Chris Boucher and Terrence Davis into integral role players for the Raptors for this NBA season. His ability to make the most out of the players he’s given and help them to reach their potential has been instrumental to the Raptors success.

Lastly, Nick Nurse has to have some of the best reactions to questionable calls made by referees during NBA games. How can you not enjoy these priceless reactions to calls made during the game? It’s so outrageous, but soooo right.


Are you a Raptor fan? Maybe not, but do you love Nick Nurse? Let us know in the comments what you think about him!